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Unbundling The Product For Micro-Targeting

PowerFrameworks is a website that offers Microsoft PowerPoint frameworks for visually showing concepts. Their pricing strategy stands out as an example of pricing done right. Their pricing is a very good example of product unbundling and pricing the unbundled components separately. What they sell it as a subscription service with recurring revenue. Their pricing is … Continue reading

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Going from unbundled to bundled

The reference price experiment my colleagues and I conducted recently, proved our hypothesis that people do not like unbundled pricing because their reference price for these was $0.00 but can be nudged towards unbundled pricing if their reference price can be improved. But what if the marketer who offered unbundled option wants to shift the … Continue reading

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The Pricing Story

This study has been focusing on unbundling, doing it as a strategy and not as a reaction to economic conditions. I recently read an article by author Seth Godin, who recommended changing the pricing schemes for certain services.  He recommends bundling for previously unbundled services and unbundling for some. One good example of unbundling that … Continue reading