This blog is about my study of unbundled pricing. It serves two purposes, first a way for me to build on my ideas as I read and research and second a way to share these to get some feedback. I realize the latter is a tall order.

If you are interested in unbundling or pricing strategies in general, send me a note.

What is unbundling? I recommend you start with these articles:

  1. Definitions
  2. Unbundled Pricing
  3. Why Unbundle your product?
  4. Five reasons to not unbundle
  5. Consumer Behavior on Unbundling
  6. Results from the Reference Price Experiment

Rags Srinivasan is a management professional with extensive experience in Product Strategy, Strategic Marketing and Pricing. He is widely quoted in the media for his works on unbundled pricing and  expertise in strategic marketing. He is also an author and has served on marketing boards of non-profits.

He started his career developing 3G mobile communication products.  Soon he found his true-calling to be on the business side, enabling sales team, being closer to customers and generating revenue. He made the switch by getting MBA from Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.



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