Exploiting Opportunities Through Unreasonable Unbundling

The New York Times reports on the multitude of “single serving” applications that are available for iPhone from the Apple’s AppStore. The applications are identical in their functionality but work on different data. For example, today we have Burger King Finder, Pizza Hut Finder, Taco Bell Finder, etc. Yes, they are all seperate apps. Worse, … Continue reading

Airline / Baggage Fees / Consumer Behavior

Extreme Form of Airline Unbundling Pay-As-You-Fly

A newly launched South African airline, Airtime Airlines, is introducing the next leap in airline unbundled pricing:  Pay as you fly.  To be precise the minutes are fixed between cities, it is not necessarily based on a running meter. For instance the Durban to Johannesburg is 75 minutes of airtime.  Instead of buying specific tickets … Continue reading

Behavioral Economics / Bundling / Classes of Service

The Pricing Story

This study has been focusing on unbundling, doing it as a strategy and not as a reaction to economic conditions. I recently read an article by author Seth Godin, who recommended changing the pricing schemes for certain services.  He recommends bundling for previously unbundled services and unbundling for some. One good example of unbundling that … Continue reading