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Pay Per Article – Possible Business Model

The problem we identified before with newspaper pay per article is the transaction cost. One way to address that problem can be to have a third party pay for the article access. It is not much different from Ad supported except that the article (or certain number of online impressions of it) are sold by … Continue reading

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Unbundling Across Product and Usage Dimensions

Unbundling can be done either across product dimensions, time or both. That gives four possible pricing scenarios: Monolithic Pricing: Customers pay once and get all product features whether or not they need all the features and for all the time. Subscription Pricing: This is pay-as-you-go scheme. Customers pay periodically and get all the features. Add-Ons: … Continue reading

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An Alternative To Unbundled Pricing – Service Reduction

Are there cases where a business can simply eliminate a service component instead of unbundling it and charging separately for it? There is a very nice Italian  restaurant called Trattoria La Siciliana in  Berkeley, CA. Their offering is premium – authentic sicilian cuisine, great wines and  great service. This is also a small place and … Continue reading